Music video production

I am not only an artist, I also produce my own music videos and have a recording studio.

Look at my youtube channel, click here.

So if you need a music video or a good produced song just let me know. Fill out the contact form on my website and I will get back to you. Thank you for your attention!


New project “No More Backway”

I have founded a new project which is called “No More Backway Foundation” as I have decided to help people to get all the necessary and true information about the backway to Europe before they decide whether if they want to go or not. I recommend everybody not to spend any money for getting on the backway to Europe as I did the journey by myself and I know what it means to be a refugee in Europe.

Furthermore I want to help refugees who are returning to their home countries, either because they are getting deported or because they decide to return by themselves.

For my new project I have created a website:

No More Backway

No More Backway

My song “Kanatha Backway Wulla”

Hello my friends. I hope you are doing fine. Recently I had an interview with DJ Senator in the Gambian radio. I was explaining in that interview why I wrote the song called “Kanatha Backway Wulla”. This song is in Mandinka. Mandinka is my cultural language.

The lyrics of this song are about the sufferation on the backway to Europe and the bad conditions refugees are facing in Europe itself. I want to warn people with this song not to go to the backway as a refugee. Me myself took the backway to Europe and I was in prison in Libya because I didnt have enough money to pay to them and my first boat capsized and I almost died.

I thank Allah that I am still alive and therefore I want to share my experience with other people.

Serious car accident

Dear friends, fans and family. I had a very serious car accident by beginning of February 2017 and therefore was not able to play any shows or record any music since then. I am still trying to cure my body pain and my headaches. But I will be fully recovered soon and you will be able to hear more new songs again from me.